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Basic information about the preparation

Modafinil refers to drugs from the class of analeptics. It affects the medulla oblongata and stimulates important functions. In particular, Generic Modafinil in Provigil helps the patient cheer up.

Group description

provigil By its structure, the drug from the narcoleptics group is often compared with amphetamine, but it does not have as many negative side effects. Moreover, Provigil helps stay awake for a fairly long period of time due to the impact on breathing and blood circulation.

Indicators for use

Main indicators for use Generic Modafinil are:

  • narcolepsy
  • treatment for experimental purposes
  • attention deficit
  • hyperactivity
  • multiple sclerosis (treatment of problems with mental activity)
  • problems with sleep in the presence of liver disease.


Do not use this medication categorically in presence of:

  • heart problems
  • cirrhosis
  • allergic reactions to components
  • pregnancy
  • lactation.

It is forbidden to mix Provigil and other preparations based on Modafinil with alcohol and narcotic substances, as well as with drugs such as Viagra and other sexual stimulants. Please note that the use of this drug can significantly reduce the effect of birth control pills.

Side effects

The most common side effects when taking Generic Modafinil are:

  • migraine
  • dryness or increased salivation
  • disturbed digestion
  • runny nose
  • pain in the muscles
  • irritability.

Application rules

The dosage of the drug is always set individually. Therefore, before ordering Modafinil online and taking Modafinil without prescription, make sure that you have thoroughly studied the instructions.

The optimal dose varies between 2-4 tablets per day. It is recommended to take in the morning and the afternoon. The dose should be reduced for patients with impaired liver function. If you decide to take the drug in the evening, most likely, it will worsen the quality of your night’s sleep.

If you are taking other drugs with this medication, tell your doctor or see for yourself if this is acceptable.

For athletes

This drug gives a positive result when testing for doping.

For pregnant

Should be taken with caution and if necessary. It is desirable to be observed by a doctor.

Additional information on side effects

Most often, sleep disorders occur, and attacks of aggression and irritability may also occur.

If you are prone to panic attacks, phobias, etc., try to refrain from taking the drug.

side effects There may be edema on the body, as well as an increase in body temperature. Depending on the dosage, the side effects can be manifested in different ways, too much of the drug can lead to a loss of consciousness.

If such negative side effects are found, seek help; hospitalization may be required.

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