Can I give sleeping pills to children?

The theme of sleeping pills for children is very scrupulous. Sleeping pills for children should be given only in extreme cases.

If a child sleeps restlessly, if he or she has any problems with sleep or becomes nervous, irritable – then, perhaps, this is an excuse to go to the doctor. Only doctor decides whether to give the child sleeping pills or not.

Sleeping pills for children under 1 year

When buying soothing herbs or sleeping pills for children, it is necessary to follow the instructions clearly. Many doctors prescribe such drugs as hypnotics, which, as it seems to us, have a very weak effect. But in the instructions for the use of these medications, it is written that these preparations for children under one year cannot be taken. For babies, good sleeping pills can be herbs, such as mint, lemon balm, valerian tincture, and motherwort. A good soothing effect too will have a tincture of chamomile. sleeping pills to children

Sleeping pills for children aged 2-5 years

In this case, the range of sleeping pills is widening. However, herbal infusions still remain safe and effective. Herbal infusions are sold in pharmacies. They include many different herbs, such as licorice root, valerian, dog rose, lavender.

Sleeping pills for children aged 10-12 years

For this category of babies, homeopathy can be used. Doctors prescribe homeopathic remedies often in this age period. It is the time child can have new stressful situations, caused by poor progress in school, relationships in the family and in the classroom, etc. The child simply loses his or her composure, becomes nervous, sleep at night restlessly.

You can also use baths from medicinal herbs as a sedative. Take a bath before bed. It can be a bath with the addition of valerian, oregano, thyme. The child has 20 minutes to lie down in such a bath and his or her sleep will become calm, the mental state will improve.

Before giving a child a sedative or sleeping pills, reconsider the regime of the child’s day. Maybe it will be enough to walk outdoors more, not to cancel evening walks, eat properly and fully, sing lullabies for the night and tell tales, give the child more time, play with him or her, be interested in kid’s success in school, do not allow watching horror movies in the evening.

It is very important to remember that such powerful drugs as Ambien and others cannot be given to children, as they can cause negative irreversible consequences. If none of the light remedies has helped, seek qualified help from a neurologist or psychiatrist: the use of potent drugs is prohibited without the supervision of a doctor and emergency.

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