The effect of hypnotics on the heart and the peculiarities of taking medications

Sleeping pills, which are taken by hundreds of thousands of people, increase the risk of a heart attack to 50%. As research has shown, Ambien, available in pharmacies, like many other powerful sleeping pills, is associated with a sharp increase in the number of deadly cardiac abnormalities.

Only four tablets of the standard dosage of Zolpidem (35 milligrams) per year increase the risk by about 20%. If a person takes 60 tablets of sleeping pills a year, the probability increases by 50%. The research done is unique in its kind, because before that no one has made a connection between sleeping pills and problems with the cardiovascular system. The effect of hypnotics

To be 100% honest, experts are still not sure that exactly the sleeping pills cause heart problems. Nevertheless, the study involved more than 5,000 people. The manufacturers of the drug themselves say there are no known side effects of Zolpidem from the side of the heart if the medicine is used for its intended purpose.

Employees of Duke University have proved that women need to sleep longer than men do. The female brain needs more time to rest because of the natural orientation to multitasking. If women do not get enough sleep, there depression develops, and they are constantly angry.

These problems do not affect men who do not sleep. It is known that when there is a lack of sleep, the risk of heart disease, mental abnormalities, and inflammation increases. In women, a lack of sleep can provoke such a strong inflammation that, waking up, they will suffer from real pain. The output is simple – a short sleep during the day.

But you should not sleep more than 90 minutes during the day, otherwise, drowsiness will only increase. During sleep, the cerebral cortex, responsible for thinking, memory, and language, is to be restored. The more a person uses brain resources during the day, the longer he or she needs to sleep. Therefore, additional sleep is shown not only to women but also to men who have hard work.

Zolpidem is a medicine with such side effects as walking in a dream, driving in a dream and sometimes nausea in a dream.

Zolpidem, also known as Ambien, is a hypnotic drug designed as a safe alternative to Valium. In most cases, the medicine works well – you can drink a pill, fall asleep and wake up in the morning without any adventures.

However, some people under the influence of Zolpidem can perform strange actions during sleep. It happened that people, who drank Zolpidem, crashed into something on the car, although they claimed that they were asleep. There are also unique cases of strange behavior, but more often, it has to do with the mental health of the patient and is not associated with the side effects of the drug itself.

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